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Business intelligence research platform

SPEEDA has a comprehensive coverage of the South East Asia region's private company data and industry reports written by our in-house consultants, organised by countries and key sectors to address challenges by business and financial professionals, especially in collecting company information and understanding the overview of the industry and trends all in one database.

Accelerate your daily research work for Company profiling, Competitor Benchmarking, Deal Sourcing, Target Screening and Industry Research by using SPEEDA to save time and cost for your data analysis and make business decisions more efficiently.

SPEEDA’s all-inclusive software serves as the ultimate business data platform for your research needs in Southeast Asia, encompassing both company data for business valuation research and industry information.

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Empowering more than 1,800 clients from various sectors

Industry Research Database
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Private Equity / Venture Capital

Private Equity firms investing in South East Asia choose SPEEDA for the extensive private companies data and in-house industry reports to assist their target screening and industry analysis

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Industry Reports Database Malaysia
M&A Advisory
M&A Advisory

From boutique advisory firms to advisory teams in consulting firms that focus on South East Asia, SPEEDA can assist with the valuation, deal sourcing, and industry research work

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Tax Advisory
Tax Advisory
Tax Advisory

Sales and Marketing teams can perform market research, target listing (by using multiple criteria) and KYC (Know Your Customer) activities via SPEEDA, particularly for expansion in SEA region.

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Company Valuation Software Malaysia

SPEEDA is utilised in various departments such as corporate banking, investment banking and corporate strategy to efficiently gather company data and perform industry research

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Company Valuation Software

Management consulting, strategy consulting and market research firms can utilise SPEEDA to perform competitive analysis, company profiling, and understand the clients’ industries efficiently

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Business Valuation Software
Government Agencies

From trade agencies to investment promotion agencies, SPEEDA assists with industry research and gathering of key business information of companies by sector and region

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Business Valuation Software Malaysia
Corporate Strategic Planning
Corporate Strategic Planning

Used by Strategy Professionals for competitor benchmarking, industry research, and market data collection to understand the market size for new market-entry

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Market Data Platform
Corporate Sales
Corporate Sales

With SPEEDA’s Trend Reports, and News, users can easily stay up-to-date and obtain insights about the opportunities and disruption trends in different industries for innovation.

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Our top features

Access to comprehensive tools that expedite decision-making processes is paramount in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. As a result, we provide a single solution—an integrated software platform that combines the strength of an industry data powerhouse with the capabilities for company valuation.

In addition to our global coverage of publicly listed companies, SPEEDA offers comprehensive private company information in Asia, specifically the ASEAN-6 region. Users can easily screen for companies by defining various parameters, including location, industry classification, keywords, and financials.

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Relying solely on news updates often falls short in providing a comprehensive understanding of these shifts, especially considering the time-consuming nature of professional reports.

SPEEDA’s industry research reports offer users a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of industries, encompassing major as well as niche sectors, with a focus on emerging tech trends. These reports, organised by country and focusing on Asia, cover key information such as market size, value chain analysis, key regulations, competitive landscape, and more.

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More than just a regular help desk, our SPEEDA consultants go the extra mile to ease the research challenges faced by our users via helping with niche research requests so that they can focus their time on better data-driven decision making and analysis. Examples include detailed company profiling, more complex target screening, and industry research.

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In a dynamic business landscape characterised by ongoing global technological advancement and regulatory reforms, the emergence of new players is constant.

Our structured and comprehensive Trend Reports serve as a reliable resource for staying informed about the latest global technology trends that drive changes in the business landscape. Equipped with essential insights such as monetisation, regulatory framework and future prospects, users can effectively apply these insights in their business and strategic planning efforts.

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Access a comprehensive database of historical and current M&A and fundraising deals, and enhance your experience by utilising advanced filtering options. These options allow you to tailor your deal list to your specific needs, enabling you to define parameters such as deal type, deal size, deal parties, and more.

Additionally, our News function keeps you updated, enabling you to monitor news and identify emerging business opportunities. This feature empowers you to proactively identify potential growth areas, anticipate challenges, and make timely, data-driven decisions that keep you ahead in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape.

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Join the ranks of successful businesses and professionals who rely on SPEEDA to stay ahead of the competition. Take the first step toward smarter decision-making.

Industry Data Platform Industry Reports Database

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Frequently Asked Questions

SPEEDA is a comprehensive market intelligence research platform designed to empower business and financial professionals. It streamlines the process of collecting company information, provides insights into industry overviews and trends, and ultimately accelerates the decision-making process. By saving time and reducing research-related costs, SPEEDA enhances efficiency and effectiveness in daily tasks.

SPEEDA offers comprehensive coverage of the South East Asia (SEA) regions, offering a wealth of data on both public and private companies, in-depth market reports, insights into M&A deals, and the latest news updates. We have clients from various regions including Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, who rely on SPEEDA for unparalleled market intelligence and strategic insights to drive their success.

SPEEDA is a versatile platform that supports a wide range of tasks, from company profiling and benchmarking to deal sourcing, target screening, and industry research. Our internal software serves as a one-stop solution for all your business research and company valuation needs in the SEA region.

Absolutely. SPEEDA’s comprehensive database enables users to source deals and monitor news, helping identify potential business opportunities. It is a valuable tool for staying informed about market dynamics.

Certainly, our platform offers customisation options for the data you receive. You can define parameters such as location, industry classification, financial metrics, and keywords. This flexibility ensures that the information you receive is relevant and aligned to your business needs.

SPEEDA provides extensive coverage of private and public company data, industry reports, and news specialising in the South East Asia region. This makes SPEEDA an invaluable resource for business and financial professionals in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, empowering them to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of SEA’s markets.

We offer a 7-day trial period that allows you to explore the available options and experience the effectiveness of SPEEDA firsthand. Apply for a free trial today to get started.

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