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ASEAN-focused analysis on hot topics hand-picked by our SEA consultants guided by latest news and market trends

Delivered exclusive through SPEEDA, the reports zoom in on leading Southeast Asia countries, helping readers understand the impact of global trends on SEA and the growth opportunities provided

report- hotel-industry-asean
Hotel Industry in ASEAN

Industry Report |Hotel Industry in ASEAN   Global Market Overview North America and Europe Lead Recovery While Asia Lags; Industry Shifts to More Asset-Light Business Strategies The global hotels industry is a significant sector of the travel and tourism industry, mainly generating its revenue from room bookings but also offering additional services such as food and beverages. The industr...

report- air-transporation-asean
Air Transportation in ASEAN

Industry Report |Air Transportation Industry in ASEAN Air transport involves carrying passengers and freight using their fleet of planes to both national and international locations. Airlines acquire their planes from manufacturers or leasing companies and use airports for moving people and goods. Traditionally, passenger services have generated most of the industry's income. However, the situati...

Indonesia Country report 20233Q
Country Report Indonesia 3Q2023 | SPEEDA

Indonesia Country Report 3Q2023 | SPEEDA The country report is designed to offer insights into the short- to mid-term macroeconomic and industry developments of each ASEAN 6 country. Our in-house analysts employ a PESTLE analysis to provide a comprehensive overview of the most significant movements in the past quarter, as well as future outlooks of each nation, covering the Economy, Politics, Soc...

private equity due diligence
Navigating Research Challenges in Private Equity’s Due Diligence

In the world of private equity (PE), due diligence stands as a critical cornerstone of investment success. This meticulous process, vital for uncovering the potential and pitfalls of investment opportunities, involves navigating through a complex maze of financial, operational, and regulatory landscapes. Yet, it's fraught with challenges that can sway the outcomes of multimillion-dollar decisions....

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