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SPEEDA - Consulting Research Service

SPEEDA - Consulting Research Service

17 June 2022

SPEEDA - Consulting Research Service

Introduction to SPEEDA Customer Success Team

Did you know that SPEEDA has a Consulting team who can support your market challenges?


Whilst SPEEDA is designed to be highly intuitive for users to navigate, we also have an "Ask a Consultant" feature where you can submit your question and receive a reply from our in-house team within 30 minutes.

Depending on the subscription package, this may also include our "Consulting Research Service" which is a customised desktop research service designed to address niche research requests from our clients in Southeast Asia. To ensure localisation, our analysts are multi-lingual and are experienced in performing industry research in their respective local markets. 

By utilising this service, our consultants will go the extra mile to ease the challenges you face, thereby allowing you to focus more on data-driven decision-making analysis.


How does "Consulting Research Service" work?

Requests can be submitted via SPEEDA using the ‘Ask A Consultant’ feature. Thereafter, our consultants will work on a preliminary investigation to outline the research scope. Details such as agreed scope, timeline, desired output and style will be discussed with the client before the research begins. This ensures that we are able to meet the needs of our clients to our best ability.


What kind of reports have they worked for in the past?

Our research team is experienced in performing company and industry research, including niche sectors (e.g. fine dining, luxury goods, solar cell, gift shops, vending machines etc.). Furthermore, the research can be performed by region as well.

This allows clients such as private equity professionals or consultants to outsource their desktop research tasks. 

Other examples include analysis on foreign direct investment, conglomerate profiling including the shareholding structure and their strategy, M&A trends, niche company listing by category, and more.

For certain niche industries, statistics may not be as centralised, hence more time is required to gather information from scattered sources (e.g. local news, research institutes, government websites, etc.), particularly if the user is not familiar with data sources. Thanks to our local consultants, they will be able to collect that information on behalf of clients, combine it with what we have in our database, and create outputs that provide our clients with more context about the topic of interest.


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