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Electric Vehicle Market in South East Asia (Video interview)

Expert's Insight: Electric Vehicle Market in ASEAN

15 July 2022

Expert's Insight: Electric Vehicle Market in ASEAN

Exert video interview series by SPEEDA and our partner Enquire provides insights on trending topics in the ASEAN region shared by the experts of the industry. In this episode, we have invited Marina Arbuzova from BMW Thailand to ask about the trend, future and challenges of the EV market in Southeast Asia.


[Interview Video Part 1]

[Questions to expert]

  1. Is the Southeast Asia market ready for widespread adoption of EVs?

  2. Why is infrastructure a roadblock for widespread EV adoption in Southeast Asia?

  3. Are there other major EV manufacturers other than Tesla?


[Interview Video Part 2]

[Questions to expert]

  1. If EV becomes mainstream. which auto manufacturers will be the industry leaders?

  2. Do you foresee a trend of deeper integration and more in-house production in the EV market?

  3. Do you expect the industry to become more consolidated?

  4. Where would the Southeast Asian automotive manufacturing industry stand generally?

  5. If the demand for EV grows, what do you expect to see in Southeast Asia's EV manufacturing base?


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