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Solar Energy in Southeast Asia (Video interview)

Expert's Insight: Solar Energy in Southeast Asia

22 December 2021

Expert's Insight: Solar Energy in Southeast Asia

Exert video interview series by SPEEDA and our partner Enquire provides insights on trending topics in the ASEAN region shared by the experts of the industry. In this episode, we have invited Miroslav Dijakovic, Director of Business Development from Cleantech Solar, Indonesia to ask about the trend, future, challlenges, government policies and more.


[Interview Video Part 1]

[Part1. - Questions to expert]

  1. How close are we to realizing the ASEAN Renewable energy Integration Network?

  2. Is getting all of ASEAN to one integrated grid possible?

  3. What is the most effective way to promote private investments in renewables in Southeast Asia?

  4. How mature is the carbon trading market in Southeast Asia? How can the need for stable baseload power and the desire to increase renewable energy be balanced in ASEAN?

  5. Do you think solar will be as competitive as thermal capacity in ASEAN?


[Interview Video Part 2]

[Part2. - Questions to expert]

  1. Do you expect solar and wind energy to dominate the SEA renewables market?

  2. What does today's energy crisis mean for the future of renewables?

  3. Why hasn't energy storage caught up to demand?

  4. What are the most effective government policies to boost solar energy?

  5. What is the Indonesian government's policy regarding solar energy?


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