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The Startup Ecosystem in Singapore (Video interview)

Expert's Insight: Startup Ecosystem in Singapore

28 January 2022

Expert's Insight: Startup Ecosystem in Singapore

Exert video interview series by SPEEDA and our partner Enquire provides insights on trending topics in the ASEAN region shared by the experts of the industry. In this episode, we have invited Mohan Belani Co-founder and CEO of e27 to ask about the Startup Ecosystem Trends and Challenges in Singapore.


[Interview Video Part 1]

[Questions to expert]

  1. What are the key areas currently attracting funds & investors to Singapore?

  2. What sectors are home to the most promising seed/pre-seed startups?

  3. How can Singapore become a more startup-friendly ecosystem?

  4. Where else in ASEAN is the startup ecosystem most promising?


[Interview Video Part 2]

[Questions to expert]

  1. Challenges faced by startups in Singapore

  2. The typical profile of a Singaporean startup founder

  3. What typically happens when a startup “fails” in Singapore?


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