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Update: FLASH Opinion Expert Service is Now Available

08 June 2023

SPEEDA Launches FLASH Opinion Expert Service in English for Southeast Asia Market

Business intelligence platform SPEEDA has launched the English version of expert service FLASH Opinion for its users in Southeast Asia (“SEA”).

FLASH Opinion is a service that allows users to receive business insights from experts. It was first launched in Japan in July 2020 as a new feature for the platform, alongside existing company and industry data, news and trend information.

SPEEDA's Flash Opinion service allows its users to connect with a network of experts from more than 200 countries -- the equivalent of more than 375,000 knowledge assets globally, over 18,000 of which are from the SEA region.


Overview of FLASH Opinion service:

  • Submit questions to experts through SPEEDA and collect answers from more than five experts in less than 24 hours (within a few hours for quicker cases).
  • Arrange direct interviews with the experts whose responses you want to dig into.
  • Public questions created by SPEEDA analysts are shared on the platform with answers from experts for users to understand current trends and the latest updates.


Comment from CEO, Regional Head of SPEEDA ASEAN Business Yasunori Naito

I am delighted to share that we can finally answer the requests for the localised version of the FLASH Opinion service for consulting firms in Singapore and Thailand, who were our first users in the ASEAN region. Our service can help our clients reach out to experts more easily to tap on their knowledge. The expert networks for Southeast Asia will cover the ASEAN-6 countries as well as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and we expect to be able to support our customers in the local markets more than ever before. We will continue to strive for further improvement in our services to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Comment from SPEEDA/ MIMIR Product Management Team Leader Teppei Anzo

The Expert Network Service by MIMIR was launched for Japanese users in 2020. Since then, FLASH Opinion has supported many SPEEDA clients in gaining new knowledge through our service. This time, by launching the service in English, we expect to contribute to our clients’ accelerated decision-making by giving access to expert insights in addition to structured information about the company, industry, and news stored in the database for our clients in ASEAN as well as for local staff members from Japanese companies.


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