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EVENT Report: SPEEDA Greenway Conference

EVENT Report: SPEEDA Greenway Conference

20 September 2022

EVENT Report: SPEEDA Greenway Conference

SPEEDA ASEAN held its inaugural “SPEEDA Greenway Conference” with the theme of decarbonisation on the 8th of September in Singapore. The event's objective was to co-create business opportunities for the decarbonised society.

In the first half of the conference, we invited four guest speakers from Japanese companies to share their projects and the current leading technology. The second half was a networking session with over 130 people attending from both Japanese and local companies in various sectors. 

Due to the outbreak of Covid19, this conference was the first face-to-face event UZABASE has organised since 2019.

Yasunori Naito, CEO of SPEEDA ASEAN division, started with the opening speech by sharing a message that "Decarbonisation will be the core in the growth of the business", emphasising the importance of decarbonisation.

In the Keynote speakers section, Kazuki Ikegami, Managing Director of MU Research & Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd., shared his overview of ESG in the ASEAN market, highlighting regional decarbonisation policies.

Osamu Ono, Senior Vice President of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, promoted the company's projects in the ASEAN regions, such as hydrogen combustion technology. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. have made a wholly-owned subsidiary, TuasOne Pte. Ltd., a special purpose company (SPC) for the business of the construction and operations of a waste-to-energy (WTE) facility in Singapore.

Mr Tamotsu Takao, the specialist from Takenaka Corporation, International Branch Asia Management Department Specialist, introduced the biomass power generation system "Metafarm", which can be a solution to close the food waste loop by converting food waste into renewable energy. 

Mr Michitaka Tokeiji, founder and CEO of Zeroboard Inc, which provides cloud services to calculate carbon dioxide emissions, emphasised the importance of decarbonisation, sharing that "Not working on it now may cause risks".

We split the room into 11 segments for the networking session, assigning topics related to decarbonisation. Guests were able to walk around the room and visit tables and meet the experts based on their interest in networking and engage in discussions.

SPEEDA has been hosting a series of Japanese seminars called "SPEEDA ASEAN Strategy Officers Meetup Series,” inviting speakers from trending topics in the market. The webinar series "Frontline of Carbon Neutrality - Insights from the experts and pioneers" was the recent special series highlighting the industry. We will continue to support our partners by sharing financial information and building the ASEAN community.


Event Highlight Video: 

Keynote Speakers:

ikegami.jpg (151 KB) Osamu Ono.jpg (12.71 MB)

Kazuki Ikegami

MU Research and Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Managing Director





Osamu Ono

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Senior Vice President

Chief Regional Officer, Asia Pacific

Chief Regional Officer, India

Managing Director of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Tamotsu Takao

Takenaka Corporation

International Branch Asia Management Department, Specialist

COT-Lab Singapore Representative

First Class Architect・First-class construction management engineer

Michitaka Tokeiji

Zeroboard Inc.

Founder CEO







Stanislav Borisov

EcoLabs - Centre Of Innovation For Energy

Senior Manager - Decarbonization Solutions

Darren Chua

Summit Power International

GM for Business Development & commercial


Tulika Raj


Co-Founder and CEO



Dr. Stanley Wang


Sustainable Solar Energy Business with Advanced Regeneration and Recycling Technologies, Co-Founder

Mark Dinesh

Resync Technologies

Business Development & Sales



Emir Nurov

Resync Technologies




Alagappan Karuppiah

Discover Financial Services

Diners Club International

APAC Head of Regional Operations and Tech

Eric Lau

V-Flow Tech

Manager, Business Development



Vadim Kostyukhin


Regional Director APAC



Rachel Wong

NUSCool Pte Ltd

SgNaPlus Pte Ltd

Business Development


Raymond Weng Pong WOO

Pavilion Capital International Pte Ltd

Value Creation Lead for Japan Investments

Vivek Premanadhan


Senior Director, Business Development & PR

Yi Chyi Lum


Senior Director, Business Development & PR

Clarence Tan


Senior Director, Business Development & PR

Henry Dominguez Letelier

Hoow Foods






Event Photos: 

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