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Southeast Asia Quarterly M&A Report 2Q 2023 | SPEEDA

07 September 2023

Southeast Asia Quarterly M&A Report 2Q 2023 | SPEEDA

Review the quick summary of the quarter's most critical M&A activities. Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the market.
Written by our in-house analysts, the report shares insights with data on notable deals, highlights in the region and major activities seen in the industries.
Here are some of the snapshots from the report to give you a quick overview of last quarter's trend.

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Overview of the M&A activities in Southeast Asia for 2Q 2023

As the past few year's general trend, for 2Q, the quarter performance in total transaction value resulted in a slight decrease compared to the first quarter. However, the total transaction value of M&A deals has shown significant growth.

2Q'23 Snapshot: More outbound leads compared to the previous quarter

Outbound deals surged 6X the total transaction value share of SEA outbound deals in 2Q'23. Capturing a 59% share showed a big jump from 9% in the previous quarter. Still, dealmakers remain cautious, but 2023 is expected to be a better year based on the market's observed trends for the last two quarters.


2Q'23 Snapshot: Industrial Products Sector Deals Dominate 2Q 2023 

M&A Deals in the "Industrial Products" sector have led the total transaction value in ASEAN for 2Q 2023. Values surged 6x relative to the past quarter.

In this quarter, three industry sectors, "Industrial Products, Logistics & Warehousing, Finance & Banking " saw an upsurge in the total transaction value, which hit the highest record for the average deal values.


The full report shares more about the transition of deal volume and Transaction value in the region.

Table of Contents

  1. 2Q Southeast Asia M&A Deals Activities Summary
  2. Number and Value of M&A Activities
  3. Regional M&A Deals Direction in 2Q 2023 
  4. M&A Deals by Industry in Southeast Asia
  5. Comparison by Country in 2Q 2023 Deal value
  6. 2Q Highlights: Thailand
  7. Top Notable deals in 2Q 2023
  8. Top Financial / Legal Advisor

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