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SPEEDA - Your Data Compass in Asia

05 July 2023

SPEEDA - Your Data Compass in Asia

In a recent radio interview on BFM, the renowned independent radio station in Malaysia, the Head of Local Markets at SPEEDA's Southeast Asia Division, Shafarudin Sariman, shared valuable insights about SPEEDA's significant role in the region's business landscape. Moreover, the conversation delved into a recent Foodtech report, showcasing Uzabase's proficiency in delivering in-depth insights into emerging markets and trends. The article provides a quick overview of the interview.

Summary of the Interview

The Role of the SPEEDA

SPEEDA is a data platform originally developed in Japan, offering users the ability to access vital information from a comprehensive business database. Shafarudin explained that SPEEDA’s primary role is to provide users with company financial data, M&A data, news, and industry reports, all of which are regularly updated by a team of in-house analysts.

SPEEDA provides industry reports for hundreds of sectors, ranging from major to niche sectors, including new tech-focused trends like AI and electric vehicles, said Shafarudin. In addition, he emphasised that one of SPEEDA's key strengths lies in its extensive coverage of private company information, particularly in Asia, with a strong focus on Southeast Asia. Users can refine their searches in location, industry classification, financials and keywords. Particularly Asia-focused reports cover vital information such as market size, value chain, regulations, and competitive landscape, benefiting business and finance professionals.

SPEEDA Meets the Growing Demand for Data on Emerging Markets

Southeast Asia's data is often limited and not well-covered, making it challenging for businesses to access comprehensive information and realise the region's potential. “For example, there are certain unwritten foreign investment rules and practices in a country that may not be apparent to an outsider,” said Shafarudin. 

He highlighted that SPEEDA addresses this by providing comprehensive coverage of multiple markets in the region. For example, SPEEDA's database for local partners, based on size, industry specialisation, and shareholdings, enables businesses to access accurate and relevant statistics, empowering them to seize regional business opportunities and gain a competitive edge. Additionally, he mentioned SPEEDA local-based analysts provide accurate and relevant data for a better understanding of the region. “With an Asian-lens view, we can provide a nuanced yet comprehensive view of the gaps and opportunities for corporations in emerging markets”,  said Shafarudin.

Key Partners and Top Features of SPEEDA

Partnerships are vital for business success, and SPEEDA recognizes their importance in fostering growth and expanding opportunities. “We work with multiple local partners to help resource data for private-listed companies and We also work closely with some government agencies to ensure all data is up-to-date for our users,” said Shafarudin.  To help locate data for its users, SPEEDA also partners with industry associations such as the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) to gain insights into specific industries.

In response to the host's question regarding the top features of SPEEDA, Shafarudin explained that SPEEDA goes beyond data provision by offering holistic support throughout various stages of business operations. This includes around-the-clock customer support, customised reports, access to industry experts through the Flash Opinion feature, benchmarking and competitor analysis, and comprehensive company profiling. Further, he highlighted that these features enable users to gain insights, identify areas of improvement, and enhance business strategies.

SPEEDA's Commitment to Data Accuracy and Relevance, and Support for Data-Driven Decision-Making

SPEEDA aggregates and analyses data from multiple sources to provide accurate industry insights for informed decision-making, including M&A and investment intelligence for the private equity sector. “Our private company data is utilised by Transfer Pricing firms for accurate benchmarking, while our collaboration features facilitate efficient knowledge sharing and data-driven decision-making”, mentioned Shafarudin.

He also highlighted that SPEEDA prioritises data quality with a team of data quality assurance professionals who verify and validate all reports before adding on the platform. Through years of experience, there is a deep understanding of the practices of companies in this region, as well as the changing regulatory landscape. Utilising machine learning algorithms, patterns and trends are also ensuring the delivery of relevant and insightful data. Additionally, SPEEDA regularly updates and reviews uploaded data to ensure accuracy and relevance, said Shafarudin.

Envision the Future of SPEEDA

In response to the host's last question regarding the future of SPEEDA and how SPEEDA plan to address the evolving needs of businesses in the global market, Shafardin responded that SPEEDA's main priority is to increase adoption among Japanese Business and Finance corporations seeking expansion in the Southeast Asian/Asian region, which presents significant growth opportunities and emerging markets. SPEEDA also believes in enabling local companies in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand to compete on a regional and global scale and seize opportunities beyond their domestic markets. “Therefore, we are positioning ourselves as an essential information nexus to support such local companies' ventures”, said Shafarudin.


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