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Report: The Potential and Feature of Alternative Meat

Report: The Potential and Feature of Alternative Meat

17 May 2022

Report: The Potential and Feature of Alternative Meat

ASEAN Strategy Officer Meetup Series

In these webinars, we invite Regional Strategy Officers from Japanese companies based in Singapore to share their insights and experiences in growing businesses in ASEAN. For the webinar held on 23 Mar 2022, we invited experts from Toyo Seikan Group and Next Meats Singapore, 2 companies from the "Alternative meat" industry, which has been receiving more attention in Singapore.


Webinar Introduction

Alternative meat has recently become a familiar term in restaurants, supermarkets, and other places. In the industry, it has been called "alternative protein". Including those derived from cell culture, which is not yet in the market, Singapore is one of the countries that has been encouraging innovation by companies on a national scale. 

In Singapore, domestic and foreign companies have been working together to conduct research and production development of products using cutting-edge technologies on the R&D side, while on the business side new business development, marketing, and distribution sales have been demonstrated actively.

The industry might tend to have a distance from your focus, but in fact, players from different sectors have been involved from domestic and overseas, offering the potential for a diverse range of business development.

We invited two front runners from the industry who have taken the challenge to enter the new market. The first speaker is Ms Toyama from Toyo Seikan Group Holdings. The company has invested in a Singaporean food tech company developing cultured shrimp. The second speaker is Mr Yasuda from Next Meats. The unicorn food tech company has introduced their brand’s alternative meat product from Japan to Singapore and to other countries as well. Both speakers will be sharing with passion, the future of the alternative meat business and their stories of developing in Singapore, the leading country in the food tech industry.


Table of Contents

1.  Intro: Supporting the Alternative Meat Segment Industry

Yasunori Naito (Uzabase)

2.  Alternative Proteins Now Attracting Attention in Singapore   

Kozue Toyama (Toyo Seikan Group)

3.  Why Japanese alternative meat is highly appreciated in Singapore

Akira Yasuda (Next Meats Singapore)

4.  Bringing cultured shrimp to the dinner table: Toyo Seikan Group's efforts      

Kozue Toyama (Toyo Seikan Group)








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