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Industry Report: Water Treatment Equipment in Vietnam

21 August 2023

Industry Report: Water Treatment Equipment in Vietnam

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Report Overview: Water Treatment Equipment Industry

Salient Features

  • The water treatment equipment industry in Vietnam is largely under the control of foreign manufacturers. This dominance can be attributed to their capability for large-scale production and their commitment to meeting high technical standards for such equipment.
  • Water purifier brands in Vietnam were largely unknown in the early 2010s until consumer awareness grew and local companies ran successful ad campaigns.
  • Leading local water purifier manufacturers tend to specialise solely in their flagship water purifying products. In contrast, mixed manufacturers expand rapidly into other product categories such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, and refrigeration.

Value Chain/Business Model

  • The water purifier market can be segmented into Specialised and Mixed water purifier producers.
  • Specialised water purifier producers enter the market and position themselves as water purifier manufacturers and water purifiers remain their flagship product with which consumers typically associate their brands.
  • Mixed water purifier producers do not primarily produce water purifiers; instead, they gain their brand recognition from other products.
  • All leading local water purifier manufacturers have their retail stores in Vietnam and distribute products through local electronic supermarkets.

Other Points

  • The market for water treatment equipment for industrial use is expected to grow as the government addresses insufficiencies in both water supply and wastewater treatment. Water supply currently fulfils 73% of the country’s demand, while wastewater treatment fulfills only 15%.


Water Treatment Equipment Industry Value Chain


Report Index

Industry Overview

  • Water Treatment is Broadly Classified into Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment; Industry Dominated by Foreign Players
  • Water Treatment Equipment Exported to Vietnam by Foreign Companies
  • Government Initiatives Aid Industrial-Use Water Treatment Equipment Segment, Yet Implementation Shows Little Progress

Market Trends

  • New Investments in Wastewater Treatment Facilities to Spur Demand for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Equipment
  • Vietnam to Remain a Significant Importer of Filtering/Purifying Machinery Due to Insufficient Existing Water Treatment Facilities

Competitive Trends

  • Local Players Gain Prominence Alongside Growing Consumer Awareness and Successful Ad Campaigns; Karofi Became the Largest Player Despite Its Late Entry
  • Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Vietnam: Strategic Partner with Wasol Corporation to Offer Products to Vietnam's Market
  • Karofi Group: Most Recognisable Water Purifier Brand and Market Leader in Vietnam
  • Viet Nam Australia Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Group: Leading Home Appliance Brand Attempting Electric Vehicle Production




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