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Public and Private Company Data

While public listed company data is easily obtainable, obtaining private company data, especially in ASEAN countries, is often a pain point. With SPEEDA, users can access both public and private companies more efficiently and obtain key information such as financials, shareholders, subsidiaries, news and more. Advanced filters can be applied to screen for targets and generate relevant leads by defining parameters, such as region, industry and financials such as profitability growth and more.

Proprietary Industry Reports

Unlimited access to in-house industry research reports organised by region covering over 560 industries ranging from major to niche sectors. The reports provides a clear and concise explanation of key industry information such as value chain, market trends, competitive landscape, key regulation and more. This increases the efficiency of industry research which is performed by professionals from financial industry, market research, consulting, corporate planning and more.

On Demand Consulting Service

More than just a database, SPEEDA offers customised research service to address niche research requirements. Clients can tap into the local expertise of our multi-lingual analysts, who are experienced in performing industry research in their respective local markets. In addition to increasing effficiency of research, clients are able to gain insights into niche markets in regions that they may not be familiar with.

Trend report

With the business environment constantly changing due to global technology advancement and regulatory reforms, new players are continuously emerging, and simply reading the news does not give us the complete picture (professional reports take a long time to get through!). Our structured and comprehensive Trend Reports help users stay abreast of global technology trends that are driving the shifts in the business landscape today. Equipped with essential knowledge such as monetisation, regulatory framework and future prospects, users can apply them effectively in their business and strategy planning.

Other features

  • Global news search

    Global news search

    Our comprehensive global news coverage from thousands of quality news sources through Factiva allows users to monitor news and identify emerging business opportunities.

  • M&A Deals

    M&A Deals

    Access to historical and current M&A and fundraising deals, with advanced filter options to create deal list by defining parameters such as deal type, deal size, deal parties, amongst others.

  • Flash Opinion Expert Service

    Flash Opinion Expert service

    “Flash Opinion” allows users to submit questions to and receive responses from experts within 24 hours, while “Expert Interview” allows users to arrange and conduct interviews with experts, which will provide access to an extensive network of industry, geopolitical, and technolgy experts, offering futher value in addition to the comprehensive company, industry, and news information at the core of the SPEEDA platform.

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