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Enhancing Strategic Consulting with Expert Insights

27 February 2024

Enhancing Strategic Consulting with Expert Insights


Why Do We Need Their Knowledge?


Making Decisions In The Information Age Can Be A Challenge

In a world with constant shifts in information quality and relevance, finding valuable insights for decision-making is a significant challenge. Addressing this challenge requires discerning what is essential, unknown, and often misunderstood. 

In order to make informed decisions in this era, gaining insights from experts can be one of the solutions for researchers. Direct access to their knowledge and gaining insights with unparalleled precision can elevate analysis to unprecedented levels.

Experts, with their professional knowledge, extensive business experience, and unique perspectives, are more than just sources of information; they guide you through the intricacies of the market, offering insights that are not readily available through conventional research channels to understand the area of interest comprehensively. 

Connecting with a high-calibre expert network puts a wealth of high-quality knowledge at your fingertips, enhancing the depth and quality of the research.


Expert Insights at Your Fingertips

With our philosophy, "Accelerate your business with local data and insights", the platform provides a solution to tap into these experts with local knowledge. Our 'FLASHOpinion' service enables users to quickly tap into this expert knowledge, posing questions and receiving detailed responses from at least five experts in 24 hours or less.

The service allows users to connect with an extensive network of professionals spanning over 200 countries, representing a collective wisdom of more than 375,000 knowledge assets worldwide, including over 18,000 experts from the Southeast Asia region. 

Beyond mere access, in-depth interviews can be arranged, which allows users to explore complex concepts and nuanced details that surface-level analysis can miss. Interviews with experts can provide an invaluable tool for enriching research and making informed decisions with confidence.

By utilising reliable data and expert insights, you not only accelerate the research process but also significantly enhance the analysis's depth, enabling the delivery of tailored, informed solutions.

Discover how leveraging SPEEDA and FLASH Opinion can transform the research approach for a Consulting Firm in Japan, enhancing their project outcomes.

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Case Study of a Prominent Consulting Agency in Asia


The firm excels in strategic planning, system implementation, and operational solutions, tackling a wide range of client challenges. Our Strategy Business Unit, specialising in new business development and cross-border projects, plays a crucial role in devising and implementing global business strategies. This unit leads the way in assisting our clients through their strategic and operational hurdles.


Targeted Expertise for Global Achievements

Our team focuses on vital areas such as vision and strategy creation, mergers and acquisitions, process automation, and business process re-engineering. Our responsibility revolves around new business development and managing cross-border initiatives, which include everything from developing business plans and forging alliances to aiding overseas expansions and service roll-outs.


Connecting Local Insights with Global Strategies

One of the biggest challenges for us is the scale and diversity of the projects. Each project is unique, with different priorities and requirements depending on the location. It's crucial to understand and respect multicultural differences and find effective ways to communicate to promote smooth business operations. My job often involves bridging the gap between local market insights and global strategic objectives.

SPEEDA has been instrumental in this initial research stage in helping to gather essential industry characteristics and company information, providing a macro outlook that identifies major trends. This comprehensive view is essential for in-depth analysis and decision-making as we advance in our projects.


Refining Research through FLASH Opinion

"FLASH Opinion allows us to deepen our analysis by obtaining expert opinions on specific trends and issues."  The efficiency of this service, enabling us to receive responses from multiple experts within 24 hours, is crucial for timely and informed decision-making processes. It's particularly beneficial when we need to validate hypotheses swiftly or when a client requires insights on niche topics at short notice.

For instance, we encountered a situation where a client required expert advice on a very specific, niche topic with minimal lead time. Through FLASH Opinion, we were able to quickly source and deliver the necessary insights, effectively catering to the client's urgent needs. This capability to swiftly access a wide array of expert opinions has not only improved the quality of our research but also our responsiveness to client queries.


Moving forward, I see FLASH Opinion playing a pivotal role in our research and strategy development processes. "Its ability to provide rapid access to a diverse pool of expert knowledge greatly enhances our capacity to offer in-depth, evidence-based insights to our clients." The solution aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver high-value, strategic solutions, enabling us to maintain and strengthen our competitive edge in the consulting sector.



Your Gateway to Expert Business Insights


In the ever-evolving landscape of business research, empowering your analysis with unparalleled access to expert insights can significantly bolster your decision-making process. Expert network services like FLASH Opinion can become essential to deepen comprehension of company and industry insights, augmented by cutting-edge news and trends. With FLASH Opinion, you're not merely keeping pace with developments; you're setting new benchmarks.


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