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Testimonial: Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad | SPEEDA

Testimonial: Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad | SPEEDA

28 April 2022

Testimonial: Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad | SPEEDA

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In SPEEDA User’s voice, we share the stories from our clients on how they utilise SPEEDA to enhance their research efficiency to promote business growth.

We invited Zamri, Nashhan and Syahirah from Consulting Services, Business & Technology Advisory team, Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV). Their team focused on the research of technology and industries in Malaysia. They have been using SPEEDA daily for more than 2 years, and now it has become a must-have database for their research and analysis. In this testimonial, they shared with us their story of how they are utilising it and how the tool is helping their daily work.

Reference Source: MDV Website

Consulting Services Team supports new project financing assessments

MDV finance various technologies companies, including ICT, Biotechnology, Green Technology, Emerging Technology, Strategic Technology, Tech-related projects (expanded mandate) and Startups.

Consulting services are responsible for conducting due diligence on applicants’ background, technology application, and the relevancy of the technology and its market potential, among many others.


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How the team is utilising SPEEDA

We usually use SPEEDA to conduct a background search on companies and stakeholders.

Our team’s primary task is to conduct commercial due diligence to support project financing decisions. Hence, our focus is on the technological feasibility and market trends to understand the industry direction.

SPEEDA helps us get through the complexities by having all information on a single platform.

SPEEDA’s comprehensive company data covers basic company information, news, financial performance, shareholders, business activities and industry peers.

SPEEDA offers an efficient method of data analysis.

Without the help of a business intelligence platform like SPEEDA, a Consultant could easily spend hours per day collecting and analysing data from various sources. Desktop research, review and analysis is a laborious and lengthy process.

SPEEDA has brought benefits to the entire organisation.

As the company’s internal consultants, we receive requests from various departments for technology information or market intelligence to support their projects. For example, our Business team approaches us to request information about their potential clients to understand their business and technology prospects.

While the requests come from various areas, our consultants are required to explore and understand many different fields, such as ICT, Green energy and emerging technology. This needs us to stay up to date and be knowledgeable in a wide range of industries.

SPEEDA plays an essential role in the initial research stage to gain a quick understanding.

The industry reports provide an overview to help us learn the industry’s basics, verticals, and horizontals. This is especially useful for us to branch out and deep dive into specific areas.

Another way of using SPEEDA industry reports is that they can serve as a skeletal outline for our internal reports.

Creating a new report from scratch is usually time-consuming, especially when there is an ocean of information out there as there may be a lot of noise. Hence, the SPEEDA industry report becomes a guideline on what data can we gather and how to craft our write up appropriately.

We appreciate the user-friendliness of the SPEEDA platform and the supportive SPEEDA consultants in providing research advice.

For example, there were various sources regarding startup information in Southeast Asia; however, due to the limited time we have to complete a deliverable, we reached out to SPEEDA for assistance. Fortunately, SPEEDA’s customised research service and high-quality work have allowed us to analyse the data presented within a reasonable turnaround time.

SPEEDA has been helping our daily research tasks in various ways, and it has indeed become a must-have database for our organisation.


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