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How to Find Private Company Data for ASEAN Countries

22 March 2023

How to Find Private Company Data for ASEAN Countries

Collecting private company information from public sources

Private company data might be required for daily work like benchmarking, target screening, company profiling, and valuation.

However, in ASEAN, business professionals usually face challenges collecting this information as availability differs in individual Asian economies. 

Here are some basic ways to retrieve private company data for the ASEAN-6 region through desktop research. Websites for each region owned by their primary business regulator are shared in the table below.

Individual business regulators in Southeast Asia

You can visit the website based on the company's location to access the data. Each database will also share with you the documents that can be purchased if you require more details for your research. (Currently, Indonesia does not have a portal website to download company data)

Here we share more details of how and what information can be found on each website.


Singapore - BizFile

bizfile screenshot

BizFile is the portal website of ACRA where you can access financial statements documents. Registration is not required. You can use the website immediately by entering the company name you are searching for. Financial statement documents are filed under each company page digitized, and can be searchable by keywords. Data with protection can also be purchased from the website, where prices are clearly stated.


Key Takeaways: 

  • No registration is required
  • Data are digitized and searchable
  • Online Purchases can be made from the website.


Malaysia - SSM e-Info

Registration is free but requires a minimum balance in your e-account to access the company listing page. In the database, company details can be found on three different menus. 

If you already know the company's registration number you are searching for, you can access the menu "Scanned form images" and enter the number to view the information. If you only have the name of the company you are searching for, you can search from the "company business information" menu and type in the company name.

The "Scanned form images" feature shares all scanned audited financial statements listing alongside the founding date and pricing to purchase the document.

The document is browsable for free but not searchable or downloadable.


Key Takeaways:

  • Registration required (You also need balance in your account)
  • Scanned Images of documents are browsable.
  • Company names or registration numbers can be used to search data.
  • Online Purchases can be made from the website.


Thailand - DBD Data Warehouse+

DBD Data Warehouse+


Registration is not required. The website is well designed and easy to search by entering the company name in the search box. The company page stores the basic company profile.

Financial statements are downloadable in excel or pdf format for free. You can also view the shareholder's nationality from the menu bar under "Investment by nationality".


Key Takeaways:

  • No registration is required
  • Can be searched by Company names
  • Financial statements downloadable in excel or PDF Form
  • Online Purchases can be made from the website


Vietnam - National Business Information Registration Portal

national business registration portal

On their portal page, we can review Vietnam Private Company Information from the top menu bar under "Public Services > Information Services"

Then from the right menu bar select the menu "Product Group > Products on a specific enterprise"

You can enter the company's information into the search box to review information.

While the website only contains basic company information, documents require a purchase to retrieve detailed information. From the website, you can find what documents are available for purchase.

The other menu, "Enterprise filling transactions", does not contain any financial information, only the document of company filings on the page.


Key Takeaways:

  • No registration is required.
  • Only basic company information is available.
  • Documents available for purchase
  • Online Purchases can be made from the website.


Philippines - Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines (SEC Express System)

SEC Express System

Company can be searched by name or SEC registration number from the "Order" menu in the top menu bar. Company information is not shared on the website, but you can find the list of documents available to purchase with the pricing. Orders can be made via the website, but not in an electronic document, but a copy will be delivered to your location in a few working days, as requested.


Key Takeaways:

  • No registration is required
  • Only printed documents are available for purchase
  • It will take a few days to receive the information.



The Go-To Platform for ASEAN Focused Company Data and Industry Research

As shared here, company information can be found on public websites, while it might take time and cost to visit each database and purchase the data for your needs. 

SPEEDA covers many public company information for these ASEAN regions and can save you time and cost for the initial research work.

With this all-in-one platform, you can filter and extract the needed data. All are digitalized and downloadable in excel format so you can edit the data to fit your desired template. The database carries over 9M company data with comprehensive coverage of Asian Private Company information, obtaining essential information such as financials, shareholders subsidiaries, news and more. Advanced filters can be applied to screen for targets to generate company lists lead by defining parameters, such as region, industry and financial profitability growth.

speeda company search


ASEAN coverage


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