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EdTech in Southeast Asia (Video interview)

Expert's Insight: EdTech in Southeast Asia

28 September 2022

Expert's Insight: EdTech in Southeast Asia

Exert video interview series by SPEEDA and our partner Enquire provides insights on trending topics in the ASEAN region shared by the experts of the industry. In this episode, we have invited Mohamad Ridwan Bin Othman, Digital Learning and EdTech Expert to ask about the latest trend of the industry.


Interview Introduction

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought the Edtech market to develop dramatically in 2020-2021. When the pandemic hit, governments were scrambling for the lack of pedagogy, having to suddenly switch to online learning and engagement. In the post-pandemic world, establishing an education ecosystem with fair learning continuity and quality learning continuity for the mass market in online and hybrid learning experiences has become an elevated priority for most Southeast Asian countries.

The governments across the region have invested a large proportion of funds into the e-learning platform and building the country's infrastructure, which further boosted the EdTech market growth. Based on SPEEDA's EdTech Market Trend report, YOY user download of the top 5 Edtech apps in SEA increased by 233% compared with the year before the pandemic.




In addition to the trends, machine learning or analytics was also mentioned as keywords for future feature EdTech trends. Not only for the education field but also many companies, working on data mining and giving first-level insights, but will be going beyond the insights, to predictive analytics.


In our Expert Network video, Mohamad explains more about the EdTech market in Southeast Asia.


Video | EdTech market in Southeast Asia


  • Market Trend in the ASEAN market
  • The uniqueness of the EdTech industry in ASEAN
  • The three fastest countries adopting EdTech in ASEAN
  • Main challenges for Edtech in ASEAN regions
  • Mid-term goal and expectations in EdTech by the Government of
  • Sub EdTech domains receiving the highest amount of investments and more...


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