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Expert's Insight: Smart City in Southeast Asia

17 September 2021

Expert's Insight: Smart City in Southeast Asia

Exert video interview series by SPEEDA and our partner Enquire provides insights on trending topics in the ASEAN region shared by the experts of the industry. In this episode, we have invited John Tan, Smart Cities Business Development, Director at Software One to ask about the potential, challenges and changes affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


[Interview Video Part 1]

[Part1. Questions to expert]

  1. Industries and countries relevant for the development of smart cities

  2. Which countries and Markets have the highest growth potential for smart city solutions

  3. Most promising examples of smart cities in Singapore

[Interview Video Part 2]

[Part2. Questions to expert]

  1. What are the risks of developing smart cities in the ASEAN Market?

  2. What are the obstacles industry players face in facilitating the adoption of smart cities?

  3. Are Smart Cities typically developed by large players or small companies?

  4. How have trends relating to smart cities been affectied by the COVID-19 Pandemic?


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