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Investment Banking / Corporate Banking

Finance professionals across corporate banking and investment banking functions
can expedite the data gathering process for both listed and private company data,
as well as comprehensive industry research and analysis.

Market Research

Efficiently collect insights from proprietary reports prepared by localised analysts, structured with industry overview, market trends, competitive landscape, and region-specific details to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target market.

Deal Sourcing

The company database provides extensive coverage of the Southeast Asia market, streamlining the data gathering process, including financial performance, for potential targets. This enables users to concentrate on their investigative efforts in investments or acquisition endeavors.

Company Profiling

Explore comprehensive business profiles encompassing details on progressive initiatives, shareholder structures in family-owned companies, and business portfolios of local conglomerates – all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Peer Comparison

SPEEDA's Competitor Overview feature allows you to seamlessly compare and benchmark your target or portfolio companies performance against a curated set of competitors within the industry.

Due Dilligence

Perform commercial, financial due diligence on SPEEDA by accessing financials of key stakeholders, clients, partners to assert validity of target companies' QoE (Quality of Earnings) and viability of the transaction.