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Using the database, consltants can expedite the process of gathering information for initial research in areas
such as Brand Strategy, Innovation Strategy, or Market Entry across various industries.

Target Screening

Enhance primary target screening efficiency with advanced search filters, swiftly shortlisting listed and private companies based on financial indicators such as revenue size and profit growth.


Simplify benchmarking research by effortlessly identifying similar companies operating in similar industries utilising the 560 SPEEDA original industry segments. Streamline the financial data collection process to save valuable time and resources.

Industry Research

Access region specific reports ranging from major to niche industry, extending to emerging markets. Elevate your market research to support branding and innovation strategies by gaining a comprehensive understanding of industry trends and market landscapes.

Knowledge management

Ask unlimited questions and get them clarified within 30 minutes. Our team of experienced consultants can help you address gaps in research. Missing information can be filled in promptly with human assistance.

knowledge Management
Grasp Global Businesss Trend

Obtain valuable insights into opportunities, growth drivers, and the regulatory framework of technology-leading markets such as the US, China, and Japan. Access over 100 trend reports and daily business news to gain a comprehensive understanding for your research.