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Management consulting, strategy consulting or market research firms can benefit from SPEEDA's extensive coverage of companies and industry information to perform competitive analysis and understand the client's industry, amongst others.

Deal Sourcing / Target Screening

Advanced search filters enables users to perform screening of both listed and private companies by defining parameters

Competitor Analysis and

Easily identify companies operating in similar industries, manually categorised by SPEEDA's in-house analysts. Key financials are available for sizable companies including private companies in our focused markets.

Industry Research

Access to in-house written industry research reports that are region specific and well structured (industry overview, market trends, competitive landscape), instead of gathering scattered information from various sources.

Company Profiling

Create company profiles and case studies of companies with progressive initiatives, shareholder structures of family-owned companies and business portfolios of local conglomerates.

Japanese market professionals research

Access to both qualitative and quantitative information of Japanese companies in English. mid-term strategy, historical key financials, goverment filings and business news are helpful to understand the Japanese companies.