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Government Agencies

From trade agencies to investment promotion agencies, government agencies can gather key business information
of companies and industries to enhance the market research and data analysis process efficiency.

Industry Research

The research process can be streamlined by gaining a comprehensive industry overview, trends and competitive landscapes, from basics to specifics, by accessing various industry reports before diving deep into the specific area.

Company Profiling

Access to comprehensive company data covering basic company information, news, financial performance, shareholders, business activities and industry peers, all from a single platform to collect the data efficiently to create company profiles.

Target listing

Advanced search filters are available to easily screen listed and private companies from the company database, It can be used both to support new internal prospecting and new client projects.

Grasp Global Businesss Trend

Gain a quick understanding of the emerging business opportunites, from reports and business news. Expert network service "Flash Opinion" will also allow you to collect inputs on future trajectory of the industry you focus.