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Corporations (New business development(innvoation)

The transformation of business ecosystems has been further accelerated by the rise of digitisation and COVID-19 pandemic. With SPEEDA's Trend Reports, ASEAN Insights and News function, users can easily stay up-to-date on current trends and grasp knowledge about the opportunities and threats in different industries.

Grasping new business trends

Access to in-house written trend reports that summarise emerging business opportunities in the US, China and Japan markets. The report provides an overview of the opportunities, structure, growth drivers and growth inhibitors.

Industry Research

Access to in-house written industry research reports that are region specific and well structured (industry overview, market trends, competitive landscape), instead of gathering scattered information from various sources.

Market Entry Studies

Examine macroeconomic trends, goverment policies, industry trends, competitor growth and investments in target markets

Expert Insight

Our experts have a strong understanding of inquiries even in a very complex and specific line of business and are able to provide their input on the future trajectory of industries or new business trends. A key value of FLASH Opinion is quick turnaround time of 24 - 72 hours.

Company Profiling/Due Diligence

Create company profiles and case studies of companies with progressive initiatives, shareholder structures of family-owned companies and business portfolios of local conglomerates for benchmarking or due dilligence for potential business partnering.