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Corporate Sales Development

The transformation of business ecosystems has been further accelerated by the rise of digitisation and global uncertainties.
With SPEEDA's Trend Reports, ASEAN Insights and News function, users can easily stay up-to-date on
current trends and grasp knowledge about the opportunities and threats in different industries.

Grasping Business Trend

Access to in-house written trend reports that summarise emerging business opportunities in the US, China and Japan markets. Seize new opportunities, access vital insights, and gain essential knowledge on monetization, regulations, and future prospects for sales development.

Target Listing

Generate comprehensive company lists for client prospecting and driving market development projects, incorporating industry, location, revenue, and growth metrics sourced from our database.

Market Research

Efficiently access insights from macroeconomic trends, government policies, competitor growth, and investment data in country-specific industry reports, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Stay current with your target market by following pertinent news articles on market trends and investments.

Bench Marking

Enhance your sales development with a competitive edge through performance benchmarking research. Collect comprehensive financial data from our extensive database for competitor analysis, and review industry reports to gain insights into market standards and your competitive positioning.

Credit Analysis

Efficiently monitor historical financials, director details, and shareholding structures for robust credit analysis. Additionally, users can conveniently purchase third-party credit reports at special rates directly from the platform.