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Tax Advisory

Tax Advisories can efficiently prepare transfer pricing documentation for benchmarking or comparable analysis
using Asia's best company and industry reports database for data mining, with all information stored in a single platform.

Benchmark Analysis

Reduce the time spent on data collection by optimizing your analysis using our platform, which provides comprehensive coverage of both public and private companies in Asia, with business descriptions, key financials, shareholdings, and other company details.


Gain an understanding of the company's industry position through the evaluation process and forecast future risks using up-to-date information from the platform including key financial data for private companies.

Industry Research

Quickly enhance your industry understanding with the market overview, performance, value chain, and competitive landscape from 3,000 reports written by local experts focusing on the Southeast Asia regions to prepare for client meetings.

Data Analysis

Simplify private company financial analysis. Easily filter, sort, and download comprehensive data on key financials, M&A deals, fundraising deals, transaction comparables, shareholders, executives, subsidiaries, and affiliates.

Japanese Market Team

Japanese market teams could benefit from both qualitative and quantitative information on Japanese comapnies in English. A compilation of mid-term strategy information, historical key financials, goverment filings and business news are helpful in understanding Japanese companies.