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Corporations (Sales and Marketing)

Sales and Marketing professionals utilise SPEEDA for their market research, target listing (by using various criteria such as industry, location, revenue, growth ratios etc.) and KYC (Know Your Customer) activities.

Target listing (for sales and marketing)

Advanced search filters enables users to perform screening of both listed and private companies by defining parameters. This list can be used for both internal (e.g. prospecting for new clients) or projects for clients.

(Know Your Customer) work

Access to key financials such as revenue size, growth ratio, the name of directors or even the number of employees to understand your prospects. News articles about investment is also helpful.

Industry Research

Access to in-house written industry research reports that are region specific and well structured (industry overview, market trends, competitive landscape), instead of gathering scattered information from various sources. Undesrtanding market trends helps to prioritize the target market and also to speak with potential clients

Credit Analysis

Access to historical key financials such as revenue, net profit, cash flow, balance sheet, name of directors and shareholding structure for simple credit analysis. Obtain third party crediit reports through SPEEDA at reasonable prices.

Japanese Market Team

Japanese market teams could benefit from both qualitative and quantitative information on Japanese comapnies in English. A compilation of mid-term strategy information, historical key financials, goverment filings and business news are helpful in understanding Japanese companies.