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Corporations (Strategy planning)

Strategy professionals use SPEEDA for industry trend monitoring, competitor benchmarking, and innovation trend monitoring. Additionally, SPEEDA assists with conducting comprehensive desktop research for new market-entry or business development before working with external consultants.

Strategic Planning

Examine macroeconomic trends, goverment policies, industry trends, competitor growth and investment in each country when planning annual budgets and medium to long-term strategies.

Competitor Analysis and

Easily identify companies operating in similar industries, manually categorised by SPEEDA's in-house analysts. Key financials are available for sizable companies including private companies in our focused markets.

Market Entry Studies

Access to in-house written industry research reports that are region specific and well structured (industry overview, market trends, competitive landscape), instead of gathering scattered information from various sources.

Expert Insight

Our experts immediately understand the inquiries even in a very complex and specific line of business and give their analyses of the future trajectory of industries or new business trends. A key value of FLASH Opinion is quick turnaround time of 24 - 72 hours.

Company Profiling/Due Diligence

Create company profiles and case studies of companies with progressive initiatives, shareholder structures of family-owned companies and business portfolios of local conglomerates for benchmarking or due dilligence for potential business partnering.