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Corporate Strategic Planning

Professionals in Corporare Strategy rely on SPEEDA for trustworthy insights and professional support in monitoring latest business trends
in emerging Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.
We facilitate our clients' initial research for market entry and development, including competitor analysis.

Strategic Planning

Access reliable market data and financial analysis on Southeast Asia with company data and reports, aiding business professionals in strategic planning, incorporating macroeconomic trends, government policies, industry outlook, and competitor growth into annual budgets and long-term strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Easily identify key players along the value chain, categorized into more than 560 industries by our local experts. The strong coverage of the SEA region's public and private companies' financial data will efficiently support the initial desktop research to enhance your market analysis.

Market Entry Studies

Quickly deep-dive into your focus industries by accessing SPEEDA's in-house written industry research reports that are region specific and well structured (industry overview, market trends, competitive landscape), with insights on over 3,000 geographical markets.

Expert Insight

Elevate your market analysis with the Flash Opinion service. With Flash Opinion, you can easily validate your hypotheses by accessing the expert network via the platform and receiving insights directly. On top of that, an interview can be arranged for an in-depth exploration of complex concepts.

Company Profiling

Uncover Case Studies of industry leaders, delve into the shareholder structures of family-owned companies, and explore the comprehensive business portfolios of local conglomerates. Invaluable insights can be found from the database to Illuminate benchmarking and due diligence activities.