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New Function: Financial Results Briefing Transcript launched in SPEEDA Platform

19 July 2022

Financial Results Briefing Transcript in SPEEDA platform

SPEEDA has formed a business alliance with IR information distribution service, SCRIPTS Asia, to provide Financial Results Briefing Transcript on SPEEDA platform from July 1, 2022.  

Transcribed data of investor event reports also includes Q&A sessions with analysts and the media. 

Announcements of financial results in IR events, which used to be mainly for investors and sell-side analysts of securities companies, are now open to SPEEDA users. With better understanding of the strategy, investments and performance of companies, SPEEDA users are able to perform more comprehensive company analysis efficiently.

This new function will add financial information to more than 1,000 Japanese companies on SPEEDA, with plans to expand in the future.


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*Reports will be only available in Japanese for Japanese companies.


Message from Yasunori Naito, Executive Officer at Uzabase and CEO of SPEEDA's ASEAN Business

Our flagship service, SPEEDA has been a window for investors who seek opportunities in Japan market. The new partnership with SCRIPTS Asia offers a more in-depth analysis of Japanese enterprises.The partnership empowers SPEEDA users to access the transcripts of investors event of Japanese companies directly. Transcripts of investor events enable our users to gain more in-depth and qualitative insight on quantitative key financial updates.I believe the update gives investors a holistic view of Japanese enterprises and hope Japan attracts more investment in the future.


About SCRIPTS Asia

Bridging The Gap Between the Asia Pacific And The Global Investment Community, SCRIPTS Asia offers a seamless platform for connecting investors to Asia-Pacific companies and the information they need to grow by providing coverage of thousands of earnings meetings, analyst briefings, and shareholder events across the Asia Pacific producing full transcripts of the event.


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